Different Types of Content Marketing


Many people don't realize how much your content marketing will be helped if you create a blog for your brand, products or services. With informative content, your website will receive more traffic from search engines and you will secure repeat visits to your website.


Videos are one of the top ways to use content marketing. We will talk about video content on our email and video marketing page, along with the different types of videos that you can use for your content strategy.


Infographics are informational visual aids. They are a way to give information like statistics or something boring or complicated, so that it is easy to understand and more fun to learn about.


In content marketing, ebooks are usually used to be given away, in exchange for future customers email addresses, which is where your email campaigns come in. You can also add affiliate links from companies that you would like to promote, to help you earn money.

Case Studies

A case study is not something that someone just getting started with digital marketing is going to want to dive into, but because it will be important if you continue learning about content marketing, a case study is basically detailed research on a person, group or event.

White Papers

White Papers will also be something that you will probably not have to know much about until later in your marketing career, but they are like ebooks, usually shorter and much more serious, but an important part of content marketing.

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