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Facts About Email Marketing

Email marketing to build and keep customers.

Email Marketing 3.0

If you need a step by step training guide that teaches you how to set up an email campaign, create squeeze pages, autoresponders, and has tons of tools and tactics, have a look at Email Marketing 3.0.

Email Marketing 3.0 Made Easy

Email and Video For Your Online Marketing

By 2020, email will be used by over 3 billion people, and businesses are 6 times more likely to get new business from an email than a tweet, so it's definately a good time to make email marketing a part of your online marketing strategy.

Why Use Email Marketing?

Every $1 spent on email marketing, gives $38 in return. Email marketing is good for building relationships with prospects and trying to turn them into customers, and keeping up with customers while trying to get them to buy more products.

Types of Marketing Emails

A few different types of marketing emails, include Cart Abandonment Reminders, Time Sensitive Promotions, Receipt Emails, Sales Follow Ups and Review Requests.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

Different Types of email marketing campaigns include The Welcome Email Series, The Standard Promotional Campaign, The Seasonal Campaign, The Triggered Email Series, The Post Purchase Drip and The Newsletter.

Ways To Get Leads For Email Marketing

A newsletter on your website with something that you are offering for free, like an ebook or some other type of information needed by people in your niche, is the best way to get targeted leads for your campaigns.

Make Videos For Marketing

Ways to use Video Marketing

Video marketing has become more popular in recent years. A popular YouTube channel can create more traffic for your business or product than any other type of online marketing.

You can create short videos with video software and add them to social media. People today prefer to watch some type of video from the companies they choose to do business with.

About Video Marketing
About Video Marketing