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Learn different ways to market your business or products online.

What Will I Learn?

Adding SEO with content marketing.

Your Marketing Plan

Our goal is to help you learn about online marketing, and create a successful marketing plan. You will find information about different digital marketing techniques, and ways to use them successfully. 

Get started with content marketing and learn how to create SEO enriched content that will help you rank well with search engines. Your marketing plan might include content marketing, email marketing, SEO or pay per click advertising. You may want to build a niche website to advertise affiliate links, or to resell. We will help you learn how to do both as you learn internet marketing.

We will explain how to create and publish an eBook for the marketing value, and how to create a YouTube Channel to help with SEO. We will add material frequently with new articles added weekly.

Create your marketing strategy for more success.

Earn Money Online

If you are interested in learning how to monetize your website, or find out about money making opportunities while you are building your business, we will share information about the best affiliate marketing programs which you can use to advertise your business and/or become an affiliate and advertise for other companies.

We will also cover a few other online money making opportunities, that are easy to set up and use, while you are working on your digital marketing plan. 

Using different marketing techniques, so they will work together and create years of new business.

How To Market Your Business

Learn how to use social media to build brand awareness, and read our information on affiliate marketing to find out about the top affiliate marketing programs like and Commission Junction. 

Sit back and let affiliates do your advertising, and pay them a percentage of your sales. We will go over SEO and how to use it to create free advertising as long as you keep your website and content updated. 

We will also cover video marketing, and PPC advertising, with suggestions that will help your marketing plan and save time by not making simple mistakes.

Types Of Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is creating content that can be used to promote your products and services. Write SEO enriched content with links to your products or services, so you will rank higher with search engines. Build a blog or write an ebook to showcase your niche and use them to market your business.

Content Marketing


SEO stands for search engine optimization. Google, Bing and other search engines use robots to crawl websites. Every few years, Google changes it's algorithm and let's us know what types of additions or adjustments we need to make to our website, so the robots can let them know who should rank higher in search results. We will go over some SEO techniques that you can use as you learn digital marketing for beginners.


Affiliate Marketing

Using affiliates to promote your products, is an inexpensive way for companies to pay for advertising. A company will pay a percentage of a sale, to an affiliate that advertises their links, banners and other advertising materials to earn their affiliate commissions. There are many affiliate programs that you can join, like or Commission Junction.

Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

After you have built a list of prospects and/or customers, you can use email marketing to create more sales. Create email campaigns for promotions, cart abandonment, requesting reviews, and more. 

Email marketing pays off much more as your list grows, so make sure you have an area for visitors to sign up for your newsletter when they visit your website, and always send quality content each week.

Email Marketing

Video Marketing

Learn how to use internet marketing so you can create videos about your business, products or services and even create a YouTube Channel. Even if you don't think that you can create videos, we will share information about how anyone can create videos for YouTube.  

Find out how you can use your marketing videos on social media, your website or your blog. Link to affiliate programs that will earn money, get paid for showing advertisments on your videos, and take advantage of YouTube SEO to help you rank higher with search engines.

Video Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Use social media marketing to advertise your products or services. Build a page on Facebook that is dedicated to your business, and purchase advertising to have more people visit your website or "like" your page. Add your social media links to your website, so visitors can share your blog posts or connect to your social media pages.

Social Media Marketing

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