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Different Marketing Ideas

Write an ebook to market your product.

Write And Publish An Ebook

Look for an article on our blog (Daily News) about how to write and publish an ebook. We will always discuss the subject in more detail, but the article shares information on an ebook writing software, different self publishing companies with prices, and different suggestions for an easier, quicker process. 

Although only less than 3% of authors on Amazon earn more than $10,000 a year, writing ebooks will help you earn money in many other ways, like being able to advertise your affiliate programs.

Learn to create videos for your YouTube Channel.

Create A YouTube Channel

Don't worry if you don't have videos to add to YouTube. You can use videos from YouTubers that have agreed to let you use some of theirs, and you can edit them, add SEO enriched content about your niche market, and you are on your way to a successful YouTube Channel. 

There are many websites and apps that allow you to create short marketing videos. Just add unique and informative content with long-tailed keywords that relate to your niche and brand.

Build a blog with SEO content.

Create A Blog

Do you like to write? If you are able to write articles quickly and professionally, you will definitely want to add a blog to your website or build a blog focused on your niche market.

You can write new articles 2 to 3 times a week, and add social media marketing as a way to find new subscribers. You will be able to sell your services or products by advertising them in your blog posts.

Traffic, Niches and Branding

How Do I Find Customers? 

There are many different ways you can go about finding potential customers and/or traffic to your website.  

Let's go over a few.

Build A Website

If you are not into coding or WordPress, they have some great drag and drop websites at the different hosting companies. GoDaddy is a great option, especially when you catch them with a special and you can save some money. 

I have been building WordPress websites for 15 years, but I have to be honest, I love GoDaddy's easy to build websites. Actually, you are looking at one right now. 

Because I am building more than one website, having everything set up in the dashboard and ready for me to input the information and content, and the ability to move from one to the next, makes everything a little easier.

1and1 always has great specials and I personally always use one of the 2 to purchase my domain names, but for a great deal on starting a site and 

If they are running a good domain special (ex. .com for 1.99 or you get one free with a purchase), you should take advantage of it, and always try to choose a domain name that you would be able to sell (ex. shopforsales.com). 

We will go over that more in a later chapter.

Finding A Niche

If you don't already have a type of product or service that you are interested in promoting, you will need to find a niche. This is one of the most important steps that you will take when it comes to how successful your digital marketing efforts will be.

An example of a niche would be "hair care products", "travel", "weight loss products" or "makeup". Now, these are broad examples and you will have companies that will have a variety of each, but because your competition is so overwhelmingly, you are going to want to narrow it down a little. 

Maybe "hair care products for dry hair", "hotels in western US", "weight loss meals" or "make up for women with fair skin". We will talk later about long-tailed keywords.

You would think that if you were able to promote every product in the travel industry, you would have a better chance of making a sale. 

Unfortunately, you will just end up lost in the crowd. You would have to outrank so many people, you may never get enough traffic to make any money at all.

What happens is, there are so many people promoting hair care products and weight loss products, that when you go to "Google" those keywords, you will only find the top companies on the first page. 

If you take a look at how many pages come up with "hair care products", you can see how many companies you will be compeating against. 

I'm going to show you how you can choose a niche like "keratin products for women with red hair", and successfully bring enough traffic to your website to make it an excellent money making opportunity for you.

Build An App

You no longer need to know coding to build your own app. Use it to market your business, sell products and even earn money through advertising.

What is branding?

Display their FAQs

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.