How To Use SEO and Search Marketing

What Google Expects From Our Websites

I think the reason that SEO has always been a favorite of mine, well 2 reasons actually, is that it's complicated and takes forever to see results, but when done correctly, will send you free traffic to your website forever. Well, you have to keep up with Google's change in algorithm, but we will get to that in a minute.

If you have a website or blog and want your marketing to be successful, I would suggest that while you are working on your SEO, that you use search marketing. If you have plenty of money in the bank, which most of us don't, purchasing advertising is not going to be a problem. If you are like most of us, you have to find ways to make all of this work on a very tight budget. If it's not going to be less than $100 per month, then some of us are not able to move forward with it.

Search Engine Optimization is when you create content for your website using keywords, and take the many steps needed, like creating backlinks, so that search engines are able to recognize that your site is, basically, following the rules. You have a set of guidelines that you have to follow in order to mold your content into what Google and Bing are asking for. When I talked about Google's algorithm a minute ago, I was talking about how every few years, Google changes up how they are going to grade your website. 

This is so that people who have figured out what they are looking for, can't create some type of software that is able to spit out websites that will rank on the first page every time, as well as the fact that times change and so does the way people search for subjects and use technology.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
What are the different types of SEO?

Content, Backlinks and Keywords

I always wondered how many different types of SEO techniques there were. SEO always seemed like a never-ending project, which it is, but you can set it up correctly and only have to add new material, like an article on the blog, once or twice a week, and update everything when Google's algorithm or the times change.

6 Ways To Optimize Your Website

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

In 2016, when Google changed it's algorithm, they made mobile friendly websites a ranking factor. Over 25% of all searches are done from mobile devices. It is called mobile-first indexing. As years have past, more people use their mobile devices than ever, and it is predicted to continue its growth.

Local Search Optimization

Even if you are selling internationally, building a local presence will help you rank higher with search engines. Optimize your site for local searches and you can rank for keywords that may not have been possible otherwise. Also, "near me" searches have grown tremendously, so why not bring in more customers?

Social Media + YouTube SEO

It is important to create your brand and build a social media presence. You may wonder why you would need to use YouTube when you don't have any videos. Well, it's easy to go to a site or app that allows you to create videos, so create simple but informative videos about your business for YouTube. Use SEO enriched content and you will boost your rankings. We talk more about creating a YouTube Channel in Marketing Techniques.

Link Building

Google has always wanted websites to have quality backlinks, as far back as I can remember. Before we knew enough, we used to use automated software to create backlinks to our sites. Come to find out, Google was smarter than we were. You will get penalized if you have tons of backlinks from the wrong sites. You want to create backlinks from authoritive sites for it to help your ranking.

LSI Keywords

This can become complicated, but it is very important to get it right. We all know that a keyword is what you put in the search box on the search engines, when looking for information. If you search for 'marketing', when you are looking for 'how to do marketing for a pediatricians office in Colorado', you are probably not going to find what you are looking for. So, if you add all 10 words, you will have relevant results. You want to use long tailed keywords on your website as well. The more detailed you can make your keyword, the better Google can decipher what your website is about.


Meta Descriptions are needed so search engines know what each page on your website is about. You need to use unique information on each page with different keywords. Title tags need to stand out and be unique as well. Don't have the same metadata on each page or you won't rank on search engines.