Social Media For Business

Business Accounts on Social Media Sites

Another great place to let people know about your business, products or services is on social media. You can create more customers with the different platforms, by switching and using business accounts.

Here is some information on the different social media platforms that you need to know for marketing your business.

Different Platforms For Your Business


Facebook reaches out for business.

Facebook has held strong on top, above all other social media platforms. What I love about Facebook, is when you set up your advertising, since they have information on almost everyone in the world with a computer, you can add specific details about the people who are going to see your marketing ads. 

You can create a page for your business and even advertise products or services that you sell. Google actually keeps track of the traffic that you are receiving on your business page with Facebook, and it helps your ranking with Google to have a large following.


How Twitter helps businesses.

If you are using Twitter for business, a couple of things that I can tell you is to not use hashtags too much, make sure that you use them correctly, and try to use videos in your posts. 

Videos have become much more popular, and more people want to see videos than any other type of marketing. You can now pay for ads on Twitter, once you have been with them for a while. Twitter is actually one of the better social media platforms for business, and can be a lot of fun to use.


Instagram and digital marketing.

Instagram has grown tremendously as a social media site that is used to advertise businesses. Since they connected with Facebook, purchasing ads on Instagram is something that you will find very beneficial when growing your business. If you have a regular account, you can switch to a business profile when you go to settings. Make sure you choose a great hashtag and take advantage of Instagram's video formats. Connect your account through your Facebook business page and get ready to start making money.


Using Pinterest to sell products.

With a special business account and tools like analytics, you can either upgrade your personal account or sign up for a free business profile separately. Pinterest also has paid advertising and you will want to claim your account so your name and profile picture will automatically post to every pin, even if someone else creates it from another site.


LinkedIn for business

Linkedin has always been the social media platform for business, and holds strong as the account you will need to help build your business. You set up your profile like a resume and get connections with other people in your industry, or industries that you would like to work with, and they even have great courses that you can pay to take. You can upgrade and take them for free, you also get your first 30 days free. 


Use YouTube to create more business.

Once you have enough people watching your videos on YouTube, you will have the opportunity to create a brand account. You can create short marketing videos and add SEO content to the descriptions. You will be able to add your website and other social media accounts to your profile. All of these steps help build your business and create new customers.